Welcome to

  MHNHN (Imagination)

This concept is always a work in progress 

and we welcome you to XPLOR with us, our MHNHN.


A home for underground artists, musicians, collectives and other artistic entities to merge as one unit for the benefit of all.

We are currently focusing on the NDR CVR Music Video project. Please check out the links below for more info.

What started out as a concept quickly grew into a tangible entity around 2014. Ralski had been working with Art Galleries and collectives, creating and sharing unique talents with others from all around the world. As time went by, things change. But the concept of MHNHN was given new life. 

Since then, we have had multiple artists showcased in past art galleries, musicians showcased in music videos, graphic designs displayed for commercial use or just as digital artwork, the list goes on.